Spanish clubs covering 58.7% of its budget with the TV

The rights to broadcast the matches are enough to cover almost 60% of the costs of the clubs of First Division of Spain.

The League is one of the most watched football games in the world and the clubs that comprise depend so. As the Spanish sports daily As reports, the TV business covers 58.7% of the costs of the First Division clubs in Spanish football.

For some clubs, the money coming from the TV reaches 80% of the budget. In the second division, meanwhile, the average is 67%.

The disparity between them, however, is significant. For reference: Real Madrid and Barcelona come to 140 million euros from TV rights, but that does not reach 50% of their annual expenditure.

Eibar, meanwhile, takes only 20 million, but that covers 100% of its budget, and is enough to get a small profit.

As reported by AS: "The budgets of the clubs are divided into three main items: 1.) TV rights, 2) sale of fertilizers and inputs and 3) sponsor, marketing and advertising The sum of the last two is less than the total the first. "

A new law passed in April, which will market audiovisual rights of Spanish football as one group, promises to increase the profits of clubs by 50%.

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