ESPN Opens Production Hub in Mexico City

The company unveiled an updated look-and-feel and an array of production upgrades for all its programming, enhancing its Spanish-language offering.

ESPN inaugurated its new ultramodern 2,690-sq. foot production facility in Mexico City today. Following the recent debut of SportsCenter's new production, the company unveils an updated look-and-feel and an array of production upgrades for all its programming, enhancing its Spanish-language offering to better serve Spanish-speaking sports fans.

The new fully-equipped, unparalleled production center, designed to support 24/7 programming and multiplatform content productions, features the industry's leading technology to handle existing media formats as well as future industry standards not yet adopted by the television industry. Today, the Mexico facility is home to four studios that house some of ESPN Deportes' top news and information programs, including Futbol Picante, Futbol Center, Golpe a Golpe, Los Capitanes, NFL Live and the network's flagship brand SportsCenter.

"ESPN's newest production center in Mexico is officially off the ground, featuring the top-of-the-line technology that has always distinguished the company's commitment to innovation," said Rodolfo Martinez, vice president of production for ESPN Deportes and ESPN International. "The upgrades and expansion were designed to enhance our unique and diverse Spanish-language content with interactive compelling storytelling and further engagement, while improving our production capabilities and advertising opportunities."

The new facility combines four versatile studios that accommodate several sets in one place, allowing for distinct differentiation of each show by simply changing the look-and-feel with the touch of a button. The technology increases the number of production hours for each market and provides a tailored approach according to the needs of the different audiences, while also offering marketers effective and creative solutions for their brands.

Some of the studios' features include a custom-made curve HD screen in the SportsCenter set, a multi-screen display and touchscreen monitor for in-depth analysis with Futbol Picante, a boxing ring that can be disassembled in less than 60 seconds in Golpe a Golpe's demo area and the ability to use the different sets simultaneously.

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