Chivas TV will be Digital and Have a Monthly Fee

The Guadalajara soccer team's exclusive channel will be available online with a cost that hasn't been established yet, said the club's president.

After breaking his association of more than two decades with Televisa, Club Deportivo Gudalajara, known as Chivas, is beginning to reveal details of its plan to revolutionize the broadcast of football matches of his team through Chivas TV.

According to club owner Jorge Vergara, Chivas TV will be a digital channel that will cost a yet undefined monthly subscription, similar to platforms like Netflix or Clarovideo, which will allow viewers to follow live the matches of the team, among other content.

Vergara estimated the club, one of the most popular two of Mexico, has a potential audience of 25 million people and will broadcast live at least the 9 home games that the team will play in the next Mexican league (it may include additional matches beyond the regular phase).

"It won't be free signal, although we don't have the cost yet. We are studying that and we will have more details by mid-June," said Vergara.

"The numbers agree with our reasoning. There is a business, but we need to invest on it to make it profitable. The concern now is how to reach people who do not have enough resources or mobile devices to get Chivas TV, " he said during an interview with Radio Frontera, a local radio station.

Vergara said Chivas TV transmissions will not be available on pay TV channels, dismissing rumors of a possible agreement with Claro Sports.

It hasn't become public what production company will collaborate with the content, or who will be the reporters and journalists that will cover the games.

"We are working on it, I want to have a narrator of experience and it will be a nationwide call for anyone wishing to narrate the matches Chivas can do on TV," said Vergara.

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