Turner and FOX after Uruguayan Soccer Too

Having acquired the rights to Argentine soccer, the duo is now reportedly seeking to do the same in Uruguay.

At a key time for Fox and Turner, who are about to close a deal to acquire the broadcasting rights to Argentine soccer, news comes of their alleged next target: Uruguay.

While the TV rights to Uruguayan soccer are currently owned by Tenfield -which will own them through 2025-, local newspaper El País says Turner and Fox are now seeking to dive into them as well.

According to the report,the Euromericas Sport Marketing company, which was also part of the negotiations in Argentina, has just inaugurated an office in Montevideo to analyze the possibility to create a TV network for the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF).

"The possibility of an offer to acquire the TV rights to Uruguayan soccer comes from a North American conglomerate of companies, towards a modern design for the clubs' structures and a commercial platform with a Marketing and Image plan. It not only considers the economic scenario, but also a new professionalization scheme in the delegation of resources," said Gerardo Molina, CEO of Euromericas Sport Marketing, to El País.

"The amount negotiated would include a fixed sum and a variable sum, which covers the National Team and local football, international broadcasts, digital television, e-sports and the creation of their own network," he added.

According to Molina, the option of broadcasting the games for free with advertising is also on the table.

To succeed in their attempt, the "North American conglomerate of companies" mentioned must negotiate with the AUF and Tenfield itself, a sizeable obstacle that Molina himself said "won't be easy."

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