The Ball Starts Rolling for O11CE on March 13

The highly-anticipated Disney Channels Latin America series is premiering on Disney XD on Monday 13, with lots of soccer and dreams.

The stadium is filled, the crows is roaring and the dressing room is filled with adrenaline: O11CE is making its debut on Disney XD with an exciting and shocking plot, with soccer scenes never before seen in fiction productions in Latin America.

"O11CE is our most recent regional production and we are very proud not only because of its high production value, but also because of the way we're innovating with the story," said Cecilia Mendonça, VP and General Manager, Disney Channels Latin America, The Walt Disney Company Latin America.

It's the first long-form series for Disney XD, with 80 episodes that will air Mondays through Fridats in Latin America and countries in Europe.

It tells the story of Gabo Moreti, a teenager with great talent for soccer who lives in Alamo Seco and receives a scholarship to study at the prestigious Academic Sports Institute.

Produced in Argentina by Pegsa Group with services by Pol-Ka, O11CE presents an international cast with actors from Argentina Mexico and Brazil.

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