FOX and Turner Nab Argentine Soccer Rights

The controversial bidding for the rights to Argentine soccer has ended this Monday, March 13, with the AFA granting the rights to the Fox-Turner alliance.

Not many biddings for TV rights were as controversial and public as the one for the rights to Argentine soccer.

After the Argentine government announced it wouldn't continue to pay for them, a decision that came from the previous government, came months of rumors and controversy about how the rights would be granted.

Finally, on March 13, the AFA announced Fox and Turner were to retain the rights for five years.

The alliance between both programmers beat out the offers presented by ESPN and Mediapro.

On a press release, AFA announced that SLA Holding L.L.C. and Turner Broadcasting System Latin America INC. have to implement and abide by the commitments made with their offer in three days time.

According to local media, Fox and Turner will invest almost 4.4 billion argentine pesos during the first year, 1.2 billion as a base price and an annual amount of around 3.2 billion, and the number will increase with each season.

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