The new report released by Infegy places three of the US' largest sports leagues among the world's 50 most popular brands, with the NFL at number 12, the NBA at number 13 and the MLB at number 41.


Geraldine Totesaut, former Senior Manager, Marketing for Affiliates at HBO Latin America Group, will direct all marketing activities for the mixed martial arts organization in Latin America.


The battle between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks became the highest rated Super Bowl match in history, seen by 114.4 million viewers that also made their mark on all social networks.


After extending its current agreement with FIFA, the Hispanic network now owns US TV broadcasting rights to the next three World Cups in Spanish, while FOX retains the rights for the English broadcast in the country.


The US football league has signed a five-year agreement with MP & Silva, making it its media rights agent for 42 territories in Europe until 2020.


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